Stained Concrete Pool Deck and Patio Resurfacing in Rockwall, TX

Hello Everyone, today I will share a stained concrete exterior project around a pool deck and patio with you. We finished this project for a couple of very wonderful people. They called us on referral to see if we could fix there concrete that was originally stained by another contractor. The stain was starting to flake along the border on the driveway and also the pool deck. Also they had told the prevous contractor they wanted a chocolate color on their patio but instead the color they got was a burnt orange color. (Now there’s nothing wrong with burnt orange Hook’em ┬áHorns!, but when its on your patio and it clashes with the surrounding then there is a problem).

We went by a took a look at the concrete stained project, and there we realized we could refinish their concrete pool deck, driveway and patio. We could give them a stained concrete floor in Dallas (Rockwall) that would be the chocolate color they wanted fromthe beginning.

We started by chemically stripping and cleaning the stained concrete sealer along the patio,driveway and pool deck. We then pressured washed the concrete to remove any dust or residue that remained. Finally after protecting the walls with tape and paper,we stained the concrete and the sealed the concrete pool deck, patio and driveway and walkway.

The end result was FABULOUS! We had a happy customer and a beautiful stained concrete floor in Rockwall,Heath, Tx. You can see this project on our YouTube video:


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