Stained Concrete Patio Concrete Overlay Dallas, TX

Do you have a bad concrete. Perhaps gouges in your soft concrete patio or porch? If so you are not the only one with this problem. We got an email from one of our builder-customers. He had just finished building a house and wanted to close on the house. But he didn’t want to sale a customer a home with an ugly patio and ugly porch. After all the front porch and back porch are the focal point upon entering the home or exiting the home. So he asked if we could stain the concrete on the patio and porch. After looking at how soft the concrete was and as a result seeing nasty filthy gouges in the concrete, I suggested that we first overlay the concrete and then stain and seal the concrete. It does cost a little more to overlay the concrete but the end result is worth every penny.

We started off by prepping the concrete. We then put down a rough coat overlay. After that we applied the smooth coat over the top of the rough coat to create a nice smooth finish to the concrete that was hard troweled down. Lastly we stained the concrete and applied sealer to the concrete patio and porch.  Take a look at these photos and see the before and after photos. By the way, soon after we finished the concrete overlay on the front porch and back patio the builder closed on the house. The new homeowner was very pleased with the stained concrete patio and porch!

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