Stained Concrete In Living Room in Dallas, Tx.

Are you thinking of flooring options in Dallas, Tx? Have you thought bout stained concrete flooring inside your home here in the Dallas area? Well give us a call and we will give you a free estimate. Here is a stained concrete floor we did recently here in dallas.

The customer had Carpet on the floor and it was butting up against Saltillo tile. They wanted something that would compliment the tile and look very nice. So we ran a few samples of the stained concrete for them so they could pick the correct color.

We first started by taking up the existing carpet. We then went ahead and prepped th concrete by sanding concrete to remove glue adhesives and paint room the existing concrete floor. After that we had to do something to get rid of the holes created by the tact strip around the perimeter. So we applied the rough coat of overlay.

The rough coat of overlay fills in the holes and hides existing stains left over from Conctruction of home when it was fist built. Then we had to apply the smooth coats of overlay.

The smooth coats of overlay help create a smooth look and provide a new  canvas for your stain so that you can get a desired result for stained concrete. These overlays will have some trowel marks in them which create a beautiful look.

After the overlay has set up and is dried out we then sand them flat. This will allow the concrete sealer to adhere very nicely to the concrete floor. We then stain and seal concrete. Check out some of these photos below of this stained concrete floor project in Dallas, Tx. Call us now (214) 771.6129.IMG_0380File_000 File_001 IMG_0301 IMG_0302

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