Stained Concrete in Lewisville, TX


Are you ready to see a concrete floor completely resurfaced? Or a concrete floor transformed? Well if you watch this video of a stained concrete floor in Lewisville, TX, you will be amazed.

It started when one of our luxury builders called us to meet out on a job-site. We met him at the old warehouse in Dfw. The warehouse was used as a machine shop and also housed an office. The concrete floor in the warehouse was full of oil, grit and grime. It probably had more then that in it. The concrete floor in the office area was full of glue stains from VCT tile. It was full of tile “ghosting”(this is a term used to describe the pattern left behind from tile). Needless to say this job had a lot of work to make it a beautiful concrete stained floor in Lewisville, TX.

The owner of the building was wanting to have us diamond polish the concrete floor. The first item we discussed was the ghosting from the VCT, and then the various patching from all the holes in the concrete. The next thing we discussed were the areas where the walls used to lay. Because she did not want to put an overlay on the concrete and wanted us to polish the concrete, the holes, ghosting and previous wall areas were going to look different. She was ok with the character that would be created by the ghosting, hole patching and walls. So we began the decorative concrete process in Lewisville, TX.

Wait until you see the finished concrete polished and stained floor! The concrete floor came out beautiful! The character of the ghosting, hole patches and walls came out very well. Watch the video on Youtube now. Also Call now for a free estimate @ 214.287.2563. Click Here To Watch on YouTube.

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