Stained and Sealed Concrete Pool Deck Refinishing in Addison, TX

We did it! After months of dealing with the weather, the weather finally cooperated and allowed us to finish the pool deck. The refinishing of the stained and sealed concrete pool deck in Dallas went very well. In late September we got a call from a homeowner wanting us to completely change the stained concrete color of her pool deck. Normally this would not be a problem. But she had a dark gray color pool deck and wanted to go with a tan colored concrete stain. This meant we would have to resurface the pool deck with a polymer base concrete overlay, because the grey was just too dark to put a lighter color on directly.

We encountered a few obstacles. First, we were going over the top of stamped concrete and the homeowner wanted to make sure we kept the same stamped concrete pattern. This meant we could only overlay a small area at a time. We would then go back with mason joint cutters and cut out joints allowing for the stamped pattern to come through. Then we would move on to the next area. And so we continued the concrete overlay process.

The second obstacle which was the most important and the biggest obstacle was to get the stained concrete color. We had to do the samples before we overlayed the entire pool deck.  We made sure we put down some overlay on a small portion of the pool deck so we could test out colors. We had a local chemist work up colors from pictures of stained concrete pool decks that the owner liked. We ran samples after samples, on the overlay on the pool deck. Then we ran more samples on boards that we put overlay on. Finally a color was chosen.

The third obstacle was making sure the stained concrete pool deck did not have a “wet look” seal and still be durable (the homeowner had requested this at the beginning of the project). After testing a few sealers we chose a really good stained concrete seal for this pool deck in Dallas.

After finding a solution to all obstacles, the refinishing of this stained and sealed concrete pool deck in Dallas, Tx turned out beautiful! Check out the before and after photos. Call us now for a free estimate @ 214.287.2563.

pool deck beforepool deck after

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