Stained and Polished Concrete in Dallas, Tx


Do you need stained or polished concrete in Dallas, Tx? If so then you will want to pay attention to this new article. I am going to show you a before and after of a stained concrete floor in Dallas, TX.

Many people call our concrete staining office in dallas and ask if we can “revamp” their concrete flooring in the DFW area. The answer is always Yes! Many of these same people have old paste wax or acrylic solvent based sealers and they have not done any upkeep. As a result there are many stains in the concrete that will not come out because the sealer is non existent. They also have a problem with the acrylic sealer scratching. So they ask us what can we do?

The answer to their question is simple: Diamond Polished Concrete. Such as was the response with our stained concrete customer in Dallas, TX. The homeowners had a custom stained concrete design that was beautiful but it had a paste wax finish that was not kept up with. Paste wax is a good looking sealer but it is soft and can ware down very quickly. As a result we recommend rewaxing every 6 months. But most people neglect their concrete floors and don’t keep up with the waxing. In other words, after ten years of no regular upkeep, there are plenty of permanent stains in their once beautiful concrete floor. This was the case with these homeowners. So we recommended they have us diamond polish their concrete and restain the concrete floor in Dallas, TX.

We started with very rough diamonds and finished with very fine diamonds. When we started there were many grease stains in the concrete. We began the process to beautify these floors and provide a durable low maintenance floor.  The concrete floor was rid of most grease stains. The look was that of polished marble. The clarity of the floor was so to almost see your face in the reflection. Now the customer has a stronger floor than paste wax. The diamond polishing we did is coating free. In other words there is not ever going to be any peeling like with acrylic sealers. Please watch the video below to see this project.

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