Resurfacing Concrete Stained Pool Deck in Dallas, Tx

So we are back this time with a decorative concrete pool deck in Dallas. It’s around a saltwater pool. Have you experienced the beauty of saltwater pools? Well they are amazing. What can add more beauty to your pool is a stained concrete pool deck unless the concrete sealer is damaged due to the saltwater. Then the pool becomes an eye soar and unenjoyable.

This was the case with this decorative concrete resurfacing project in Dallas. The original installers had used a water-based decorative concrete seal on the pool deck. But water-based sealers do not hold up around saltwater pools!

We had to bring out our buffers and strip down the concrete seal on the pool deck. Then we stained the concrete pool deck. We then used a very strong solvent based decorative concrete sealer. The end result was BEAUTY! The pool can now be enjoyed. Check out our video below to see before and after photos of this decorative concrete resurfacing around a pool deck in Dallas, TX.

Click Here To Watch This Project On YouTube


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