Garage Floors In Rockwall, TX

Are you looking at updating your garage floor? Is the garage floor dirty? Does it have Dirt, Grime, Oil and even paint stains on the garage floor. You are not alone on this endeavor. But perhaps you will be more wise than others are when choosing how you want to revamp you concrete garage floor in Rockwall, Dallas, Fort Worth or surrounding areas. Sit back and Ill give you some helpful advise on what type of floor coatings, stains, and diamond polishing systems are available to you. This is the first installment of Garage Floors. This installment will focus on Diamond Polishing for garage floors in Rockwall.

First things first, do not go to Home depot and buy a DIY kit of “Epoxy” garage floor paint, or a “concrete stain”. It is not of the best quality. You might find as some of my customers have found that in just a few short years the “Epoxy” or “Concrete Stain” will be coming up with the pass of your hot tires or from moving heavy objects on the floor. Home Depot does not offer what a professional concrete flooring company can offer.

I encourage you to look at our many options we have for garage floors. All are very good. But perhaps my favorite is diamond polished concrete. It will give you the look of a showroom floor and provides you the assurance that it will not peel away? Why wont it peel away? Diamond Polished Concrete is coating free! That means the shine you see on the floor is not artificial. It is the concrete being polished using diamond tooling and machines.

We start the process by using our metal bond diamond tooling usually using a concrete floor machine that is around 25 inches. This will help to remove all the stains in your concrete floor. From the metal bond diamonds we transition into resin bonded diamond pads usually all the way up to a fine 1800 grit. During this process we will stain the concrete and densify (by applying the densifier , it makes the concrete harder and stops concrete dusting). We use stain guards to help protect the stains and give it a little more “pop”. Most of the stain guards we use are penetrating guards. Again keeping it away from a coating stile floor so that we can maintain a natural polished stone look similar to a marble polish.

The look of polished concrete is amazing for your garage. In the photos I am providing in this post you will see a before with all kinds of oil and paint on the floor. You will also see the after which has so much clarity. If you look close you will see the polished concrete reflect the image of the bikes on the floor. Are you convinced that polished concrete is what you want on your garage  floor? Call us now for a FREE estimate @ (214) 287.2563.



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