Epoxy Flakes Garage Floor In Heath, TX

Are you thinking about remodeling your garage floor in Heath or Rockwall or any area of Dallas, TX? Then you will want to see these photos and video from start to finish in this blog post.

One of our builders called us up to look at a clients old nasty garage floor. The floor was full of cracks and dust, paint and old oil stains. It has a rough concrete patch in the bathroom also.

So we told him we could do the garage floor in Dallas. But we told him it would not be the cheap version that department stores sell. We told him we needed to first grind concrete. Then fill in concrete floor cracks with Epoxy. Then we would lay down the base coat of Epoxy with the color mixed in. Then while it is still wet we would throw or broadcast an insane amount of flakes (not like department stores that only sprinkle flakes). After broadcasting flakes we would come back later (24 hours or longer) and scrape the loose flakes and clean them up. Lastly we would coat over the top of floor with a 2-part Polyurethane Coating.

This process that I explained to the builder is exactly what we did. The epoxy garage floor with flakes came out TERRIFIC! look at the photos and then watch the video of the concrete epoxy floor in Dallas.Garage Floor after Dallas
Garage Before Dallas

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