Decorative Stained Concrete Flooring in Plano, TX

plano stained concrete after1plano stained concrete after2plano stained concrete beforeHave you ever wondered how much better your home would look with decorative stained concrete floors in Plano, TX? Well I have to tell you about a concrete floor we installed near Plano. It came out beautiful. It was a pain to prep and move furniture around. But the beauty of the stained concrete floor in Plano made it all worth the hassle.

We got a call from a woman that wanted us to put down a metallic epoxy floor with the stain color being white pearl. So we went by to inspect her floors and provide her with a free estimate. When we arrived we found out she had previously hired a handyman to “stain” ┬áher floors. Unfortunately he did not stain the floors. Instead he painted her concrete floors with a white paint. This created a very dirty and satin look. This was the opposite of what she wanted.

We went in and ground all the concrete paint off the concrete. After concrete grinding we mixed a white color in our epoxy to prime the concrete floors near Plano. Then we applied a metallic pearl color to the floors to create a very high gloss look to the stained concrete floors.

The customer was extremely happy and inspired by the way her floors looked that she had us remove the carpet in her living room and also stain the concrete under the carpet. This floor was a very nice pearl metallic stained concrete epoxy style floor near Plano, TX. Call us now for a free estimate @214.287.2563. Look at these before and after of this concrete staining:


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