Decorative Stained Concrete Flooring Dallas, Tx. (Interior Dye Vs. Exterior Dye)

So you have heard that acetone dyes are starting to take over the decorative concrete industry? Perhaps you are thinking of investing time in researching to find out how to apply these concrete stains to your concrete flooring project in Dallas or somewhere else? If so you need to watch the video below on YOUTUBE.

Decorative concrete dyes are a great partner in the decorative concrete business. They save at least 1/3 of the time if not even 1/2 the time to finish a project opposed to concrete acid staining. The best part is that if you choose a good quality dye company, the end result is a look of acid stained floors.

I have provided a “before” picture of a job another contractor finished, using an interior dye on the outside. If you are wondering, it is only a two year old project. The decorative concrete staining has already almost completely faded. Why did this happen? The answer is might be poor judgement. The contractor chose to use a dye that wasn’t UV stable. If you are going to use concrete dye on your decorative concrete project than use an exterior UV stable dye. This way your floors will not fade!

Remember to use good quality products especially when dealing with decorative concrete staining and sealing. This will ensure a very happy customer and a good reputation.



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