Concrete Sealer On Garage Floor Gone Bad In Dallas

Have you ever had to fix another persons mistake? Perhaps you have been that “other person”. If so this post is for you! We recently encountered a garage floor that had been stained with concrete acid stain and then sealed with Polyurea sealer. The place was a mess. But it did not start that way. Polyurea is very tricky to use if its not done correctly.

The installer has acid stained the garage floor using Kemiko Stone Tone Concrete Stain (which is the best acid based concrete stain). He went through the motions of applying it with a sprayer and then mopping up the residue. After the floor was dry he went back over the floor and applied a water based epoxy primer. Then he applied the Polyurea sealer. Everything seemed fine. But he he left out some very important things he didn’t know. As a result the floor was left looking great for about two months but then it began to flake away?

So why did this happen? After investing this floor we found out why it did not bond correctly. First, when using acid based stain with coatings it is very important to remove all residue for concrete stain. The typical mopping off residue is not sufficient. This will leave some residue on the floor. In order to remove all residue we have found it very helpful to use our buffer. We will buff the floor using a black pad to remove the residue. Then we sweep and vacuum. After that we apply the epoxy primer.

Secondly, the installer did not wait until the primer had dried fully. Instead he waited until the primer was 90% dry. As a result the sealer was coming up in these areas of the garage floor. So BE PATIENT! Let the primer dry.

These two things caused the problems in the garage floor not allowing the sealer to bond and be durable. So we went in their and stripped up all the sealer using a sharp razor edge on hands and knee. We then went back over and applied the epoxy and the sealer the way we have just discussed. The end result turned out beautiful! Remember if you want a beautiful product you have tondo it right! Check out our video showing the before and after below. Click on the LINK:

Click Here To Watch This Floor On YouTube


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  1. myreneasebmem says:

    Oh how so sad for the stains. But am sure there’s a way to remove that.
    A webmaster of Concrete Garage

  2. HollandFloors says:

    Yes. It ended up looking great when we finished. The homeowner was very pleased

  3. myreneasebmem says:

    Yeah you are right! as I saw the photo even if there was stain but the floor were shines.
    A webmaster of Concrete Garage

  4. Elton says:

    oh show nice one Concrete Garages. i really like it . thanks.

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