Concrete Floor Staining in Cedar Hill

Are you thinking about remodeling your flooring in your home or business? Then you will need to look into this stained concrete floors in Cedar Hill project we finished near Cedar Hill, TX.

This project was in Texas near, to some people  Cedar Hill. This concrete floor originally had carpet on the concrete. If you look closely at the stained concrete photo in this Cedar Hill project you will see a border. This border is actually a skim coat of concrete overlay. It was applied to the perimeter to create a decorative look on the concrete staining and hide the tact strip holes created by the carpet flooring.

This customer decided to go with our cola (brown-red) acid stained concrete cola and a green lawn border. We can create a nice decorative concrete floor for you also. Call Now for a FREE ESTIMATE @ 214.287.2563.

stained concrete cedar hill1stained concrete cedar hill2

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