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Decorative Stained Concrete Flooring Dallas, Tx. (Interior Dye Vs. Exterior Dye)

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So you have heard that acetone dyes are starting to take over the decorative concrete industry? Perhaps you are thinking of investing time in researching to find out how to apply these concrete stains to your concrete flooring project in … Continue reading

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Are You Removing Tile And Then Staining The Concrete TX

This post is for all the people who have tile floors and want to change out that ugly ceramic or marble with more modern and beautiful flooring as Stained Concrete. I decided on this post because there are many homeowners … Continue reading

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Concrete Sealer On Garage Floor Gone Bad In Dallas

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Have you ever had to fix another persons mistake? Perhaps you have been that “other person”. If so this post is for you! We recently encountered a garage floor that had been stained with concrete acid stain and then sealed … Continue reading

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How To Fix Concrete Cleaning Mistakes.

Do you have concrete that has chemical spots from a “bleach clean”? In other words, did you try to clean your concrete with bleach or some other chemical? Maybe muratic acid? If so then pay attention. I have come across … Continue reading

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Custom Scored And Stained Concrete

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So I thought I would start this week off by sharing some tips on choosing a custom decorative scored stained concrete design. I tried to remember many customers Holland Custom Floors have done work for who have wanted a custom … Continue reading

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“How to Select the Right Concrete Sealer”

Author – Daniel Owen Concrete sealers offer protection and an aesthetic appeal essential to many residential and commercial projects. There‚Äôs a wide range to choose from, depending on the requirements of each job. UV stability, abrasion resistance, affordability and longevity, … Continue reading

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“How To Properly Prep and Clean Concrete Prior To Staining Concrete Flooring”

I don’t know how many I times I have heard the infamous question, “My husband messed up my concrete floor and now I have footprints in the floor. Can you fix my floor? One of the reasons why people mess … Continue reading

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