Are You Removing Tile And Then Staining The Concrete TX

This post is for all the people who have tile floors and want to change out that ugly ceramic or marble with more modern and beautiful flooring as Stained Concrete. I decided on this post because there are many homeowners and contractors that think they cannot stain concrete that had a tile floor previously. So can stained concrete flooring be put in place where tile previously was? In the following paragraphs I will answer.

After removing the tile floor you will probably notice that there is a grey or sometimes a white concrete type materiel called thin-set stuck to the concrete. If you have noticed this materiel you have probably tried to remove the materiel without damaging the concrete. Some thin-set will not give you any trouble and you will be able to scrape the thin-set right up. but the majority of the time it will require a whole heck of a lot of ELBOW GREECE. This extra elbow greece you put into this project will probably damage the concrete underneath the thin-set (making your concrete stained project look really awful).

Ok so some might have been able to remove the thin-set without damage to the concrete. But there is still a problem you cannot get away from. THE GROUT LINES are showing through the stain. Yes you got it. You can see everywhere the tile was. The chemicals in the thin-set creat a shadowing effect on your concrete floor and defeat the purpose of removing the tile in the first place.

So now what? The answer is simple. After you remove all the thin-set you have got to overlay the concrete. But you must remember this important tip. If you are using a wet polymer such as Miracote, you will want to ensure you put the rough coat down and then the smooth coat. This will ensure that there will be no ghosting from the the old tile marks. If you are going to use a dry polymer than you should use a thick self leveler. if you use a thin dry polymer it will be to thin and the ghosting effect will occur. Check below to see the video of a tile project that we overlayed:


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3 Responses to Are You Removing Tile And Then Staining The Concrete TX

  1. ptaylor41 says:

    If you remove the tile and it looks like there is a lot of work to make staining actually work, would it ever work to pour a thin layer of concrete on top of the floor about .5″ thick for a smooth clean surface?

  2. HollandFloors says:

    Patrick, Thanks for the reply. I would suggest not pouring concrete or an overlay over the tile itself. Why? Because thin-set underneath tile starts to crystallize usually within 6-7 years. This means some tile may start popping up if your home starts to shift. This would mean your overlay would start popping up because the overlay is bonded to the tile. But if you put the concrete overlay down directly on the concrete slab than it will flex (if you are using a polymer concrete overlay) with your slab shifting and not pop up.

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